December 5, 2008

Title: God Free Cook
Artist: Marcellous Lovelace
Medium: Oil and Pastels

Artist Commentary:
“Once a homeless man roamed the streets of Atlanta around the historicaly black universities of HIGHER LEARNING and he couldn’t find a dollar to eat.” signed and numbered

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2 thoughts on “GOD FREE COOK

  1. Mr. Lovelace,
    This picture is soul striking. I can feel the burden and hoplessness of the character. How well the times of today are depicted and etched in color showing the signs of the times.
    Very well done.


  2. He has a knowing in his eyes, that seem to be at the deepest depth of his saddness. It’s like what makes him the saddest about his situation is that he constantly encounter people that are very able to assist him, but reject him time and time again.

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